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On Reality #1: My World Of Words

The words I think, I hear, I read, I speak build my world of words. I read books and have engaging conversations with my friends. And then later on when I’m in my bed almost asleep I have long debates with myself talking about the topics of those books and conversations.

Some of their words become part of my internal ongoing conversation and merge with it until I can no longer recall who said what.

Sometimes I think of something specific and it might be years later but can tell who said this thing to me and how they said it and why and sometimes I can’t because the words have become part of me. Either way the words that came to stay are those that moved something in me, those connected to emotions, good or bad.

My world is very different from your world because the conversations we can share are limited and I can never be part of your internal conversations. My world also differs in structure. Everyone builds their worlds in a different and unique way.

All this may sound terribly trivial to you but I really believe that listening to the words of others carefully and engaging in meaningful conversations with them broadens my wordy universe a huge deal and makes it so much more interesting and colorful.

So I propose a toast to conversations both internally and with others to building a wordy universe of worlds that constantly change and form new, fascinating constellations.